Eric BassNational Director of Sales

    As National Director of Sales for Approval Payment Solutions, Eric is primarily responsible for recruiting, training, and managing the company’s internal and external sales force. His other responsibilities include identifying new market niches as well as working with other APS departments in regard to customer service, new product initiatives and partner relationships.

    Eric is a 2004 graduate of the University Of Louisville College Of Business where he earned a B.S. degree in Business Management with minors in Marketing. Eric has been in sales since the age of 18 where he spent the bulk of his sales career in specialty industries working in a variety of training and development roles for both a leader in the coatings industry as well as serving as the VP of a global construction company prior to his time with APS.

    Eric’s vast experience in direct sales, marketing and business development, as well as his passion for helping customers and providing excellent service are ideal in regards to APS’s goal of growing their portfolio the “right” way. During his time with the company, Eric managed to increase the external rep force by 18%, in addition to increasing sales by nearly 25%. It is his belief that a successful client/vendor relationship, regardless of industry, is built by providing the proper solutions that benefit all stakeholders involved.