About APSĀ 

“Building Partnerships Through Excellence in Customer Service”

Approval Payment Solutions offers a complete menu of electronic payment solutions to businesses of every size and type. We are a full service provider, offering an all-inclusive solution for the payment processing needs of any business. The senior management staff of APS has decades of credit card and check processing industry experience and we are very proud of our value-added programs.


APS enables merchants to accept credit and debit cards, EBT, gift cards, fleet cards and checks safely and efficiently. APS also provides ACH Transaction Clearing, Internet Processing and Prepaid Visa Gift Card Programs. Our Banks, Business Partners, Sales Agents and Merchants of all industry types find APS to be the answer to their respective needs in the payment processing arena.


As a mid-sized merchant payment processor, we firmly believe in providing clients the best products, services and pricing while ensuring industry integrity and trust through superior customer service. APS has an outstanding record of customer retention due to our years of focus on customer service and staying on top of competitive pricing.

Building Partnerships Through Excellence in Customer Service

Our Team

  • Allan Noe Chief Executive Officer
  • Kellie Noe Vice President
  • John Johnson
    John Johnson Chief Development Officer
  • Casie Howard Director of Operations
  • Terry Noe Director of Lead Generation
  • Teri Ward
    Teri Ward Director of Finance
  • Jim Fisher VP of Key Accounts
  • Megan Noe-Sims
    Megan Noe-Sims Director of Strategic Partnerships (Financial Institutions)
  • Cary Conner
    Cary Conner Director of Strategic Partnerships (Chambers and Associations)

Advisory Board Members

  • Cliff Torrence
    Cliff Torrence
  • Roby Dillon
    Roby Dillon
  • Josh Douglas
    Josh Douglas
  • Joe Oglesby
    Joe Oglesby

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