Contactless Payment Options Are Vital

In the wake of a global pandemic, businesses have had to make shifts in many day-to-day operations. While it has been a significant challenge, it has helped identify areas for improvement. One point of concern is the payment terminal, where the consumer uses their cash or card to make their purchase. It involves many points of contact as an exchange occurs between the clerk and customer. Additionally, the customer often touches the same screen hundreds of other customers have touched on the same day. Contactless payment is a technology that is increasing in popularity and plays an important role for businesses during the pandemic in reducing contact points and offers benefits to both the consumer and the business.

What is Contactless Payment?

There are now multiple forms of contactless payment options for consumers, including online payments, a contactless chip card, and a smartphone universal wallet. An online payment occurs when the consumer makes a purchase remotely from their personal device. In contrast, a contactless chip card and smartphone universal wallet can be used on-site without contacting the payment terminal. They use Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, which allows the consumer to simply move the device within a few inches of the terminal to complete the transaction. It doesn’t even require a pin or signature.


  1. SECURITY: There are many benefits to both the consumer and the business for using contactless payment at the terminal. Firstly, it is more secure than using a card with a magnetic strip. Since the card doesn’t need to change hands, fewer people come in contact with the card. As a result, numbers are less likely to be stolen. Additionally, for each transaction, a new one-time-use code is created specifically for that transaction. This means if the card numbers or code are stolen, they would be useless to the thief.
  2. REDUCED POINTS OF CONTACT: Finally, the risk of exposure lessens because this eliminates the need to touch the terminal. The transaction also only takes a few seconds to complete. This reduces the time needed for the customer to be in the terminal area and further lowers the risk of exposure. This benefits the customer, who doesn’t want to catch a deadly virus, and the business that wants customers and employees to feel safe.

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