Core Local® Helps Businesses During COVID

There’s no question about it, COVID restrictions have affected businesses across the nation. One small thing that still remains beneficial is to ensure your information online is correct. During this time of change, your customers will likely turn to your local listings online to find out information about curbside pickup, hours, etc. Ensure all your information is correct online with Core Local® during COVID.

Core Local®

An easy solution to monitoring and editing your information online is through Core Local®. Core Local® is a tool that helps business owners manage their local listings, so they perform better in local search results. Core Local® allows you to control the facts about your business across more than 60 digital services including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Open Table, and more. Your customers can then find the correct information they need about the business online. The different tools within Core Local allow you to do various things. These are some of the most common.

  • Hour Changes: COVID is making things unpredictable, and this means you might be finding yourself having to change your hours frequently. Core Local® makes it easy to update your business hours across multiple listings at once. Your customers will also know what to expect when visiting your business. That way you aren’t relying on word of mouth or flyers hanging on your doors to tell your customers when you close or the change in hours.
  • Menu Updates: Core Local® offers business owners the ability to sync their menus. Owners can list accurate menu items across their local listings for customers to find. You can also edit any prices or temporary menu items if necessary. Customers will find the same menu on all your local listings, which helps build your credibility with search engines in return.
  • Temporary Closures: Each state has put different mandates in place for businesses during COVID-19. Some required only essential businesses to remain open, while others encouraged different protocols. In the unfortunate case, your business needs to close for cleaning, Core Local® can update all listings to temporarily closed. This is an easy way to inform customers of your closure and estimated re-opening.


If you’re looking for a tool to help your business during these unprecedented times, Core Local® is a vital solution. Contact a local representative to learn more about Core Local®.

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