Processing Solutions

APS believes in Quality Products with Superior Customer Service. We take care of the customer’s needs first and foremost and help educate the business to find the best programs to meet their needs. Just a few of the benefits of choosing APS are competitive rates, top of the line equipment, Free Check Recovery and quality products that we are proud to offer.

Merchant Processing

APS enables businesses to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit, Voyager and Electronic Benefits Transfer at competitive discount processing rates.

We offer several different account types for all kinds of businesses:

  • Retail / Restaurant
  • Mail Order – Telephone Order
  • Internet – Website Processing

We also offer Special Industry Pricing Programs.

Check Resultz

If your business has a check returned NSF your bank will forward the item to Check Resultz on your behalf. We immediately notify you by fax or email that we are in the process of collecting your check. Check Resultz monitors the check writers account daily, we never call your customer. When funds are available for your check and our State allowed fee then we electronically debit the NSF check writer’s account and reimburse you for the face value of the check.

  • No Equipment to Buy!
  • No Start-up Fees!
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Business Customer receives full face value of the check
  • No contract, customer may cancel at any time

APS Check Products

Why choose APS Check Products? Reduce trips to the bank, increase sales and reduce the risk of taking consumer or out of state checks by selecting one of our Merchant Solutions.

  • ACH Automation
  • Check Conversion
  • ARC Lockbox
  • Recurring ACH
  • Small Ticket Check Program

APS Gift

Designed for the small to medium-sized business, this program provides an electronic card-based alternative to traditional paper gift certificates. This is a “closed-loop” program so that the gift cards are only accepted from the business in which they were purchased from. We offer a:

  • Gift Card Program
  • Loyalty Program
  • Gift & Loyalty Program

Equipment Solutions

APS offers a wide variety of equipment options to meet all your equipment needs.

  • Buy, Lease or Rental Options available
  • Multi-Merchant terminals
  • Check Imagers
  • Wireless Options
  • Internet Processing
  • Software
  • Pay at the Pump ( non branded gas stations)
  • Restaurant Applications
  • Utility Company Payment Solutions

Special Industry Programs

Visa and MasterCard have recently released special pricing programs to specific Industry Types to help increase availability for credit card acceptance to their customers. The newest release is now classified as “Emerging Markets”.

  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Education
  • Utility Companies
  • Government
  • Cable
  • Insurance
  • Child Care
  • Charities

Virtual Terminals

Anchorpoint is our proprietary mobile POS solution.

  • iPad-based mobile POS
  • Bundles available for restaurant, retail, and customizable packages
  • Powerful inventory, staff, and schedule management software
  • Tailorable to individual businesses’ needs
  • Alternative to Square Checkout, Clover, Shopkeep, etc.

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