Casie HowardDirector of Operations

    As Director of Operations at APS, Casie’s primary responsibilities include overseeing of new merchant application underwriting, approvals, installations, continued support of major merchants, training of newly hired Account Executives, and ongoing product support.

    Casie has 16 years’ experience in Operations, Deployment, Customer Service, Partner Service and Support, Interchange Management and Major Merchant Support. She strives to ensure that each is provided top level service to program/update processing information for a seamless install. Casie has supported several multimillion dollar merchants with software integration and support after install is complete, she shares this knowledge with her department to ensure that all merchants are receiving the same continued support, training, product support to maintain our high standard of quality customer service and support.

    Casie graduated from Harrison College in 2000 with an A.A.S in Accounting. After graduation, she joined Approval Payment Solutions where she was given the opportunity to work in several departments, vastly expanding her knowledge of the financial services industry.

    Casie has been recognized with the following awards during her employment with Approval Payment Solutions: Presidential Aware (3), Employee of the Year (7) and Best Attendance (3).

    Today, Casie gives back to our community by volunteering as a Girl Scout Leader through our local Raintree Council, Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana located in Evansville, Indiana. While working with local elementary girls, Casie has been given several opportunities to improve our community by volunteering and raising donations for our local food bank, teaching anti-bullying seminars, holding drug free seminars with local law enforcement, attending several recycle, reuse and renew programs, cleaning up our city parks, as well as teaching the young girls of our community to become leaders in their own lives as they grow!